Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School



Spiritual Development

This is about thinking deeply about belief, finding inner peace and contentment and having the confidence to be curious. Exploring the beauty of the world, ourselves and others, as well as considering the idea of a higher purpose, helps to set every individual on their own spiritual journey. We see spirituality as a process where we encounter, reflect and transform; we see these as growth moments.

Moral Development

This is about doing the right thing and making positive choices which include respecting the civil and criminal law in England. In doing this, we also learn about consequences. We explore many moral and ethical issues through our curriculum, Collective Worship and everyday school life situations. By doing so, we teach our children to offer reasoned views and to understand and appreciate the viewpoints of others. We also do this through Philosophical Enquiry.

Social Development

This is about the planned social aspects of school life, which help to build our thriving, caring and pupil-led community. Children gain experience of working together cohesively in a variety of communities, social settings and defined responsibilities.

Cultural Development

This is about understanding and appreciation of the wide range of cultural influences that have shaped our heritage and that of others. At Twyford St Mary’s, we value, encourage and learn through artistic, sporting and cultural opportunities. Here, the children learn to appreciate the uniqueness of their community and the diversity beyond it; they learn to be future global neighbours.