Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School



Subject lead: Jo White

How we teach Geography

We have four bridging themes that run across our geography units at Twyford St Mary’s: world knowledge, understanding, geographical enquiry, and maps. Our pupils take part in at least one fieldwork activity per year to explore our local environment – which provides firsthand, hands-on exploration and makes their geographical learning relevant and important to them. Our approach to geography aims to help our children see their place in our world and develop a curiosity about our planet.

Our units and lessons help children to make sense of the world, and their place within it, and spur them to take action to protect it for future generations. In the natural flow of work, children build on and develop their understanding by revisiting and building on their previous geographical knowledge.

Our vision generates awe and wonder about our incredible world and encourages children to want to explore it. We use hands-on resources where possible e.g. maps, atlases, aerial photos, and more.

The way we teach Geography at Twyford St Mary’s also provides the opportunity for children to link with our writing, reading, and other subjects – such as science and history.

The Twyford St Mary’s geography expert:

  • A Twyford St Mary’s Geography expert is an inquisitive, investigative learner with a desire to understand more about the world, and the universe, in which they live.
  • They will leave TSM understanding they are part of local, national, and global communities and what each of those distinctions means.
  • They will have a good foundation of geographical skills including being able to read and follow maps, use a compass, and grid references, recognise symbols and landmarks, and even create their own maps using a key.
  • They will have a love for outdoor learning after being exposed to a wealth of opportunities such as residentials, trips, and fieldwork.
  • They will be confident in their ability to collect and analyse their data.
  • They will have a good understanding of the continents, various countries, and oceans.
  • They will be able to compare and contrast different places in the world looking at their physical and human features including the weather patterns.

Supporting tools

We have invested in the Kapow learning resources to help enhance our Geography INTENT. We have also ensured that the key messages of global sustainability and environmental geography are woven into our pupils’ learning.