Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School



At Twyford St Mary’s Primary School, we adopt a mastery approach to the teaching of Maths.  We have a ‘can do’ attitude using our learning keys of perseverance, independence / team, curiosity and critical thinking.  All children work towards a shared objective, supported or challenged to fully grasp Mathematical concepts.

Fluency is developed through purposeful practice to develop conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge quickly and accurately.  Reasoning is developed through investigations and children progress through the skills of describing, explaining, convincing, justifying and conjecturing about their Maths.  Problem solving lies at the heart of every lesson and the children are taught mathematical concepts in the context of real-life problems, where the children are encouraged to make links and connections.

Lessons are active, engaging and purposeful; with the teacher working with the children to co-construct learning.  There is a buzz of mathematical talk in lessons.  The children are confident to engage in productive struggle, whereby developing a growth mindset and the ability to be resilient. Assessment for learning is ongoing in all lessons by both teacher and LSA, with misconceptions identified and addressed immediately, where possible.  ‘Live marking’ takes place by teacher and LSA; and the children are given opportunities to self and peer assess and reflect on their next steps.

There is a clear progression across a series of lessons from concrete, to pictorial, to abstract.  Representations, structures and images remain evident to support children’s learning.