Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School



At Twyford St Mary’s we promote positive relationships so that our school community can work together with the common purpose of helping everyone to learn. We want children to discover learning, their passions, and new skills in an inclusive environment where everyone achieves the highest standards possible. This includes the highest possible standards of behaviour.

Our Christian values of courage, care, joy, and respect contribute positively to the school community. These values are evident in all our relationships and work throughout the school.

Through our values, our Golden Rules, our Reward Structure, whole school strategies, and the Six Strand Curriculum (from Hampshire PBS) we aim to promote a range of social, emotional, and learning skills to equip children well for life beyond Twyford St Mary’s.

Golden Rules

Our Golden Rules provide a consistent, positive reference point of expected behaviour to help our children make responsible behaviour choices. These rules are evident across the school and are:

We are gentle
We are kind and helpful
We listen
We are honest
We work hard
We look after property

Reward Structure

We like to celebrate our children wherever possible and Team points are used to let children know that they are doing well. Team points are recorded by the children themselves in class and collated each week by team captains.

 Team points are given for:

  • Demonstrating our School Values
  • An exceptional piece of work, attitude to learning, or exceptional progress, including showing the Learning Keys in action
  • 100% weekly attendance and punctuality
  • Home learning projects

Wider Pupil Strategies

At Twyford St Marys children are empowered to support one another’s behaviour choices through taught whole-school strategies.

The Think Before You Speak campaign is launched every year with the acronym THINK asking us all to consider if our words are:


 As well as having our own specific Anti-Bullying Policy at Twyford St Mary’s we also use the STOP campaign. This is launched every year in conjunction with Anti-Bullying Week where the acronym STOP is used to help pupils recognise if they, or a peer, may be experiencing bullying behaviours.

STOP asks us all to consider that actions and words could be considered bullying if they occur:

The Six Strand Vision at Twyford St Mary’s

The Six Strand Curriculum promotes a range of social, emotional, and learning skills to equip children for life beyond Twyford St Mary’s. Staff use the curriculum as a teaching tool to promote positive behaviours, emotional responses, and relationships for all children through the six themes of:

  • boundaries
  • self-regulation
  • focus
  • respect
  • resilience, and
  • independence.

When learning these key skills from the Six Strand Curriculum our pupils benefit from modelling and targeted support around:

  • teaching boundaries
  • nurturing self-regulation
  • developing focused thinking
  • instilling respect
  • building resilience
  • promoting independence

Our Six Strand work connects to our whole-school Christian ethos. As well as direct teaching, there are also opportunities for the children to connect with the six themes through ELSA, pastoral care, focused interventions, and SMSC practice.

At Twyford St Mary’s we endeavour to lay strong social and emotional foundations to empower our pupils to flourish in the face of any future challenges.