Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School


Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our values are outlined in our motto, Together Everyone Achieves More through Courage, Care, Joy and Respect.

Tapestry with the words Together Everyone Achieves More in colourful appliqué

We are a Church of England school deeply committed to our children, families, staff, and the village community we serve. Our Christian values of courage, care, joy, and respect can be felt throughout the school and are at the heart of everything we do. These values contribute to the well-being and spiritual development of the school community and are evident in all our relationships.

With courage, care, joy and respect underpinning our diverse and fully inclusive outlook, all are welcomed into our school equally, irrespective of their own personal beliefs or backgrounds.

We want our children to discover learning, tap into their passions, and develop skills in an inclusive environment where everyone is given the opportunity to achieve the highest standards possible.

Together our children learn to be good friends, resilient hard workers, and confident individuals. We promote lively enquiring minds which enable our children to make positive and informed choices for themselves.

Here at Twyford St Mary’s every child has a chance to shine and make a positive contribution to school life and beyond.

We are the village school making a world of difference.

Our Strategic Direction

Our longer-term strategic aims:

  • Our pupils, staff, governors, and parents will benefit directly from being part of a thriving alliance and other collaborations,
  • We will shape the current and future quality of the teaching profession by having access to the highest quality personal and professional development,
  • We will deliver a memorable, rich, and moral curriculum carefully balanced and steered toward need – accessible to all our pupils.


Our School Improvement Plan is created considering the views of leaders, staff, governors, pupils, parents, county advisors and Ofsted.


On-going feedback forms part of our self-review and feeds directly into our development plans supporting our journey to excellence as we continue to develop outstanding learning experiences for all our pupils.