Twyford St Mary's
Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Vision

The new Twyford St Mary’s Curriculum is the result of an annual review process based on two cycles. This is because some of our children are taught in mixed aged classes.

At our school, we have a strong sense of community which celebrates every child as an individual. Our aim is to develop the whole child so that they feel well equipped, valued, ambitious and confident in an ever-changing world. Through our interdisciplinary approach, we will provide rich, meaningful learning opportunities that not only equip our children with the Basic Skills but also harness their creativity and independence.

Through our curriculum we aim to enable children to:

  • Be nurtured as adaptable and resilient learners so that they meet their own ambitions and those the school has for them.
  • Appreciate the uniqueness of their community and the diversity beyond it.
  • Master the Skills that will be essential throughout their lives.
  • Develop the knowledge and understanding laid out in the National Curriculum (a framework), adapted to the needs of our children.

These aims are evidenced throughout each year and across the curriculum, which we constantly review. A variety of learning approaches, designed to uncover the curriculum rather than deliver it, are included. These aim to ensure that our children become active, practical and constructive learners in order for them to develop skills from enquiry and scholarship. It includes purposeful opportunities for our children to build on their learning in school by involving themselves in activities beyond it and appreciate that learning can come from their locality. Above all, our curriculum provides children with experiences which allow for deep and immersive learning of new skills and concepts, regular revisits to allow pupils to practise and refine their skills and frequent opportunities to apply their skills in purposeful and meaning contexts.

Our values of Courage, Joy, Care and Respect, and our Learning Keys, permeate every aspect of our school life and help our children to become the social, moral, spiritual and cultural ambassadors of tomorrow.